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July 16, 2024

Archives for November 2012

1953 Pontiac Chieftain Deluxe Straight Eight Convertible In The Netherlands

by Mike - In response to the Hood Ornaments Post Tim Koster of The Netherlands sent in these photos of his beautiful classic car. Text and photos by Tim Koster Hello Mike, Here are pictures of my 1953 Pontiac Chieftain Deluxe Straight … [Read more...]

For Sale – Iso Grifo 7 Liter And Two Lamborghini Miuras

by Mike - Iso Grifo 7 Liter For Sale Here is an Iso Grifo 7 Liter project car for sale in Sweden. The price is 995,000 SKR ($149,700). Visit the Varedo Group (Iso/Bizzarrini chat site) for more information and the sellers contact … [Read more...]

Simpson Design: Reviving the Tradition of Coach Building

[Read more...]

Fiat Stanguellini Berlinetta

by Mike -  This is a great looking little car, a 1954 Fiat Stanguellini Berlinetta. I have never seen one of these before - probably because this is the only one, or one of very few. This car is likely not quick but it looks happy. It would … [Read more...]

Art Created For The Car – Hood Ornaments

by Mike -  Hood ornaments were, at one time, much more popular than they are today. By hood ornaments I mean three dimensional sculptures on the front of the car, not the nose badge. Lalique, the great crystal maker, made hood ornaments … [Read more...]

AC 428 Frua – Evolved From The Cobra

by Mike - The AC 428 Frua attracts a lot of attention. The styling is striking but not as beautiful as the AC Cobra from which its chassis is derived. AC 428 Frua In 1965 AC realized that they needed a grand touring model that could … [Read more...]