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February 24, 2024

Tesla vs The New York Times

by Mike –

I am a big fan of the potential of the electric car but I am not a fan of the way that Tesla handles publicity, especially when they disagree with someone in the media:

* Remember the lawsuit with the BBC’s Top Gear?

* Remember the outcome of the Tesla lawsuit?

* Remember the blog wars with Top Gear?

Well Tesla is at it again, this time with the New York Times reporter, John M. Broder.


Broder wrote a NY Times article about his test drive of the new Tesla Model S sedan.

There were some issues with the Tesla Model S especially since it was very cold on the day of the test drive.

Elon Musk the Chairman, CEO, and grand-poobah of Tesla had to respond in his own blog post on the Tesla web site.

Then John M. Broder was compelled to respond to the Elon Musk response.

It is a case of “who shot John” – wait I can’t use that cliche because one of the parties is really named John.

It is a case of John said the “car didn’t work”, Elon says “it was John’s fault”, John says “no it wasn’t my fault”.

There now you don’t have to read the articles or the blog posts – that’s the whole story as far as I can tell.

More developments as they arise – I will stay on top of this hot story, for sure.

My advice to Elon Musk – don’t get into an argument with the NY Times. I said the same thing about the situation with BBC’s Top Gear. He did not listen then either.

Oh well, I hope the cars work great.

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  1. ~ Musk is a powerful ego, a prideful man with a great deal at stake. were i him i would not enjoy seeing my creation trashed in review. but even if the black box data proves Broder was partially, or fully at fault the response does more harm than good. discretion is the better part of valor.

  2. Publicity is publicity and the Tesla name is out there, just like it is here! I am not a big fan of electric cars but I hope Tesla makes it because it’s a win for Tesla, Silicon Valley and a new comer into a market that is dominated by huge giants. Let the black box speak..

  3. This sums it up well IMO, a group of Tesla owners duplicate the exact trip here are the results.

    • That is interesting – I now want to see what the New York Times reporter, John M. Broder has to say.

      I suggest that he repeat his test drive.

      • He wasn’t paid to report that type of finding. 🙂 What impressed me the most about this story is that Tesla can do live diagnosis on their cars. This is the future, and GM Ford Toyota missed it. Here is the creative engineering and value add that Silicon Valley brings to the table.

    • ~ thank you for posting the link. Broder should certainly have a do-over. i am convinced the cars, when properly operated, perform as designed.

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