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March 3, 2024

The AMX/3 By Bizzarrini At The Concorso D’Eleganza Villa D’Este

by Mike –

The AMX/3 by Bizzarrini was sold here on My Car Quest in May 2014. It moved from Louisiana, USA to Germany. The new owner has written about his experience and sent in photos of the first European showing of this special AMX/3 this past weekend.

The venue he chose was, naturally, the very best – the magnificent Concorso D’Eleganza Villa D’Este.

AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

Text and photos by Jürgen Wilms – the new owner of the AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

We had spent the last five months getting the car ready. Engine and gearbox were out, all suspension parts were restored, the brakes completely overhauled, including a new brake master cylinder. We rebuilt the shift linkage to its original function which returned shift pattern from the reversed to the its normal layout.

AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

The burned and cracked clutch went out and the rusted master and slave cylinders were fixed. The gas springs of the engine cover were flat and I calculated their necessary force.

Now, when released, the front and rear hoods open smoothly and with a slight hiss from the gas springs. Everything underneath has been soda-blasted and repainted. Due to time constraints we did not repaint the outside and thus had to live with a distressed, “patinated” (there it is again) look.

AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

The AMX/3 was very well received. There was a lot of buzz at the registration, where the cars are checked by FIVA and photographers swarm around to get a first glimpse of the arrivals. Many people thanked us for bringing the car to the event. Many visitors confessed to hearing about and seeing this car for the first time.

AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

Men like this car more than women. Also, it clearly appeals more to American taste than European taste: this is a Testosterone-charged macho machine. It may lack some of the refinement of the Miura – but it does get the looks and men want it.

Rightfully so, the concours judges of our class crowned the Miura SV of our friends Graham and Christina Robertson from the UK. Their car had just come out of a four-year restoration. Also, Christina (who hails from Germany) for the judging sported a perfect vintage 1970s ankle-length dress matching the color of their Miura while Graham (a Scotsman) wore his clan’s hunting kilt with a matching black jacket for the final-day, black-tie dinner.

AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

Worthy winners indeed! On the public day of the event, of all five cars in the class, this was the car that everyone flocked to and wanted themselves or their girlfriend photographed with. Mind you, besides the AMX/3, there were a pristine Porsche 2,7RS in a very rare color, a beautiful, rare black BMW M1 and a perfect, completely original Countach LP400 to choose from.


The event is spectacular in every way: the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, the hotel is one of the finest in the world and the organization is flawless. The cars and motorcycles shown are among the finest in the world and very well matched in each class. Unlike at other world-class concours events, that shall remain unnamed, the entrance fee for the public is family friendly, there are no smothering crowds, and there are proper facilities instead of porta-potties for visitors.

There is a private day for competitors and a few invited guests at Villa d’Este followed by a public day in the more spacious park of nearby Villa Erba where the entrance fee is EURO 12,00 per person. As a result of the location and the entrance fee, on public day, many local Italian families arrive all dressed up with their excited, knowledgeable and impeccably behaved and dressed children.

AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

Among the spectators and our fellow participants, judges, and invited guests, we met very interesting, passionate, and amusing people. Our discussions ranged from English poetry to the intricacies of car design. All in all, a world-class event and a great way to get inspired.

AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

AMX/3 by Bizzarrini








Photos of a few other cars at Villa D’Este are in the slide show below.


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AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

AMX/3 by Bizzarrini

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The AMX/3 By Bizzarrini At The Concorso D’Eleganza Villa D’Este
Article Name
The AMX/3 By Bizzarrini At The Concorso D’Eleganza Villa D’Este
The AMX/3 by Bizzarrini was shown at Villa D'Este recently - the first showing in Europe.


  1. Why don’t we ever see any pictures of the engine for this car? By the way the 5th picture has a great shot of the rear end. The AMX doesn’t look bad in that picture either.

  2. Did I just miss it ?

    When was this vehicle built ?

  3. Lee Malaspina says

    It was built (most sources say) with a 340 hp 390 engine. Nothing special. Look on the internet. There are engine pics.

    • Lee,

      We could look on the internet or we could read the details here on My Car Quest where this special car was sold – at this link –

      • Wallace Wyss says

        Good report. I liked hearing what is at the event “the day after.” But I wonder if I am correct thinking that entrance to the concours is restricted (where do they get the mailing list)?

        I agree that might be the only way to prevent the crowding there is at Pebble but even though you say the public day has a lot to offer, I would rather be there when the actual designers, engineers and earlier owners are walking about than there the next day when the illuminaries are absent. To me there is no substitute for having someone who was in on the design and or development talking about the car, which is why I go to Pebble

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