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February 27, 2024

The Carlisle Import And Performance Nationals

by Don Meluzio –

I have always been quite envious of Car Hobby People in California. They have pretty much twelve months of pleasant weather, loads of ’50s and ’60s imports, and even Street Rods!

Here in Pennsylvania we too have a good selection of car events. We have the Radnor Hunt Concours, The Elegance at Hershey Concours, The New Hope Concours, The Pittsburgh Grand Prix and of course Hershey Parts Meet and Car show in the Fall!

A real Gem are The Carlisle Events! Carlisle as it is known was the idea of Chip Miller and Bill Miller, who in 1974 gave Auto Collectors an alternative to Fall Hershey. Hershey only allowed cars and parts over 25 years old.

Don Meluzio's Fiat OTAS-Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals

Don Meluzio’s Fiat OTAS

Carlisle was one week before and didn’t discriminate against age of the car. It was an immediate hit. Chip Miller was a very dear friend of mine, but passed away back in 2004 from a rare disease called Amyloidosis. His son Lance, partner Bill Miller, and Bill’s son Billy have not only carried the torch, but have expanded and strengthened the events.

Fiat Abarth 1000-Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals

Fiat Abarth 1000

Chip was probably most well known for his Corvettes, and Corvettes at Carlisle. I actually bought my first Corvette from Chip and have attended Corvettes at Carlisle every year for the last 20 years. They cover all the collectors, Mopars at Carlisle, Fords at Carlisle, GMs, etc. This weekend was the Import and Performance Nationals. It is a National Event for many car clubs.

It is the National for TVR (I used to own a TVR), Saab, Dune Buggies, Volvo and more. I attend every year with the Italian Class and this year I competed with the Fiat Club with two Fiats. My son Derek and I go to The Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals together every year, and starting last year we also bring my Grandson Justin!

Following the Bialbero GT in the OTAS-Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals

Following the Bialbero GT in the OTAS

It was a wonderful weekend. There was positively something for everyone. Would you believe we had a Limbo competition, for the cars!! My Son Derek was going to try with the OTAS, but when some guys with Kit Car 356s let their air out of their tires, we decided not to! Of course we had an Autocross, and Drifting competition.

1000 cc Bialbero engine-Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals

1000 cc Bialbero engine

It was too cool and it’s three days with my son and his son, come on, how can you beat that. We will be back next year with the Iso Rivolta!

More photos of The Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals are in the slide show below.


Watch the video below – Multiple cars drifting at once at Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals – 2017


Let us know what you think about The Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals in the Comments.

Don Meluzio is an avid car lover and collector. He competed in the Porsche Racing Program from 1988 through 1992.

In 1989 he finished 15th in the Porsche Cup USA. In 1991 he finished 9th in the Porsche World Cup. A top 15 finish earned a trip to Stuttgart, where at the Porsche Cup Banquet Professor Porsche presented him with his cash award and a gift. During this time he had already acquired the Porsche 901 Prototype.

He is the president of the Iso & Bizzarrini Owner’s Club and lives in Pennsylvania USA.



Derek, Justin and Don Meluzio

Derek, Justin and Don Meluzio

The Carlisle Import And Performance Nationals
Article Name
The Carlisle Import And Performance Nationals
The Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals was a wonderful event. There was positively something for everyone!


  1. Mike Clarke says

    Fishing buggy with a beer tap now your talking!

  2. Roger Rousset says

    Hi Don,

    You sure know how to live!!

    I would like to know if among the cars there happened to be an ASA?
    We are now in the middle of a 1964 #01070 restoration…
    This is the ASA that the Rodrigues Bros. gave as a present to Mex President Lopez Mateos
    and had been “missing” for many many years.
    Please let me know if there is any ASA activity in the East coast…Thank you

    • Don Meluzio says

      Roger, I have never seen an ASA at Carlisle, As a matter of fact I have only seen 1 or 2 in this Country!! Don

  3. Rob Maselko says

    Don, thanks for a great review. “Import Carlisle” is probably the premier east coast event for vintage imported autos of every stripe. Every year brings out something different and unusual. And your cars are always a treat!

    • Don Meluzio says

      I agree with what you said the other day. I think we do our best to get 4 or 5 there next year. I am sure they would help us to promote it!! I got sooooo many compliments on OTAS in General, just a great car. Don

  4. Hi Don,

    Nice car
    greetings from Luxemburg.


    • Don Meluzio says

      Hello Guy, I am glad to see you are reading My Car Quest from the other side of the Ocean!! Don

  5. Ken Phillips says

    Mike, There is a concourse in New Hope PA that has had a 2 day event since 1957. Your Bizzarrini has won awards there .
    New Hope is about half way between New York City and Philadelphia on the Delaware. This has always been a good destination for sports car owners in the cities. Quiet curving roads along the river under canopy of dense forest and covered bridges. The “Brass ” cars have an annual reunion here because the roads have not changed since their time and they can be driven all over. George Washington “Crossed the Delaware ” and saved the Revolution very close to here.

    Radnor Hunt is about an hour away on the other side of Philadelphia and has taken the Pebble Beach winners and best of the sports cars from the East Coast away from the New Hope show now. But it is now lower pressure and still many nice cars and folks and still going after 60 years.

  6. Don Meluzio says

    Hi Ken , I am actually taking my 1954 fiat Bertone
    Berlinetta to New Hope this year!! Also, we have a huge
    Abarth class this year at Radnor!!!

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