My Car Quest

December 9, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving USA!

by Mike Gulett - Thank you all for reading, contributing, donating, commenting and making this an interesting journey for one more year! Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers and happy Thursday to everyone else. Today is the 12th … [Read more...]

Editorial: This is What I Think Today – A Contrarian View

by Mike Gulett - I am in a contrarian mood today. Maybe because earlier this week one of my favorite cats died. She was near 19 years old and died peacefully. I also am not happy as a Tesla shareholder with the CEO, Elon Musk, who is wasting … [Read more...]

How Bearings Are Used In Cars

Bearings are considered the cornerstone of modern machinery. These are used to ease the load and reduce the friction of rolling parts in any machinery. Aside from cars, bearings are used in planes, electric generators, blenders, and air conditioners. … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Multi-Car Collector

by Wallace Wyss - By now everybody in the car collecting field knows Jay Leno, with over 160 cars in his garage (airplane hanger) had an accident when his 1907 White had a flash fire showering his face and arms with gasoline. A spark was emitted … [Read more...]

Jay Leno is Burned by Gasoline Leak in a Steam Car

by Mike Gulett - Jay Leno is being treated at the Grossman Burn Center after his face was burned in his Los Angeles garage. George Swift, a longtime employee and friend of Leno, gave Access Hollywood an update on Leno, he was working on "a … [Read more...]

A Few Bad Car Engines

by Wallace Wyss - We always hear about what a great design a designer did on a car, but it's funny I don't hear any reports on what a rotten design someone did on an engine. Until I caught a video on YouTube on that subject. So I'm naming a few … [Read more...]