My Car Quest

February 23, 2020

Three Iso Grifos For Sale At Auction

by Mike Gulett - It is rare to see three Iso Grifos for sale at the same time but that is what we have now. These three span the Iso Grifo model range, are in different auction venues and are up for auction by RM Sotheby's. I have written … [Read more...]

An Artist’s Favorite – The Shah’s Bugatti SC

Text and Art by Wallace Wyss - An artist looks at cars different than say a mechanic or race driver. We only look at the aesthetics. It may have a rotten engine or trans design but we like it because it’s beautiful. I’m nominating this one as … [Read more...]

More Photos From The Muscle Car Cruise In At The Petersen Automotive Museum

A newcomer to the The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, James Laketa, photographed these cars on his cell phone, along with some of the interior of the Museum while at the recent Muscle Car Cruise in. These photos were sent in by Wallace … [Read more...]

A Record Price For A Datsun 240Z

by Mike Gulett - Recently a 1971 Datsun 240Z Series I sold on the Bring a Trailer (BaT) on-line auction site for $310,000. Yes, you read that right I did not misplace the decimal point - three hundred and ten thousand dollars! Plus the auction … [Read more...]

Muscle Car Cruise In At The Petersen Automotive Museum

by Wallace Wyss - You hafta admit, sometimes it all comes together. Here was muscle car day at the Petersen Automotive Museum and who founded this wonderful museum but Robert. E. Petersen, who founded a publishing empire (Hot Rod Motor Trend et … [Read more...]

Essential Car Accident Etiquette Every Driver Needs To Know

Over the past three years, approximately 40,000 people died in the US due to a fatal road accident, according to the National Safety Council. Experts blame the high fatality rate on driver behavior, particularly those who practice aggressive driving … [Read more...]