My Car Quest

July 20, 2024

Sasha Selipanov and the Koenigsegg Gemera

by Wallace Wyss - Every once in a while you meet an outsize personality, one that can't be contained in an ordinary person. Everything he does hints that he's got a rocket on his back and he's headed for the stars. Such is Sasha … [Read more...]

ArtCenter College of Design – Car Classic 2018

Like Old Home Week for Grads by Wallace Wyss - The ArtCenter College of design, situated high on a hill overlooking Pasadena, is famous for one thing—training a good proportion of the world’s car designers. They have changed themes … [Read more...]

Sasha And The Ferrari That Never Was

by Wallace Wyss - At the ArtCenter College (yes, they spell it as one word) which graduates most of the world’s car designers, there was a speech recently by “Sasha” Selipanov. The bearded Russian-born designer graduated from ArtCenter in … [Read more...]