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October 19, 2021

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Design Critique: 2021 Nissan Ariya SUV

by Wallace Wyss - OK I am giving in, retiring my oft-heard comment "They'll never make a good looking SUV." For one thing the Range Rover I think is neat and clean and even the Ford Explorer that copies it is starting to look good. But I … [Read more...]

How To Improve Vehicle Safety For Your Next Summer Road Trip

A report by NHTSA shows that there are 29% more car accidents during summer than the winter season, according to Carsurance. Summertime is ideal for traveling by car on long-distance trips. However, the rising temperatures can take a toll on you and … [Read more...]

Book Review: Car Sinister – A Science Fiction Anthology

Book Review by Wallace Wyss - Title: Car Sinister Edited by: Robert Silverberg, Martin Harry Greenburg and Joseph D. Olander ISBN 10: 0380453932 / ISBN 13: 9780380453931 Binding: Paperback Pages: 255 Originally published: 1979 Price: … [Read more...]

The Search For Collector Car Authenticity

If not for the coronavirus we would be approaching Monterey Car Week right now. Where we would be seeing a serious number of cars cross the auction block resulting in a serious amount of money changing hands in mid-August. I thought the subject … [Read more...]

Malibu: When Nothing Is Going On This Car Event Is Something

by Wallace Wyss - Photographs by Richard Barthlomew - In normal (that is to say pre-pandemic) times, you wouldn't drive a 100 mile round trip to go see 50 cars in a parking lot. But these aren't normal times as car event after event is … [Read more...]

Why Are The French Afraid of E-Bikes?

by Mike Gulett - A 45 second video advertisement for the Dutch e-bike company VanMoof, titled “Time to Ride the Future,” was blocked from being shown in France. Why you ask? Well because it apparently is “creating a climate of anxiety". Maybe in … [Read more...]