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September 16, 2021

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C8 Corvette – An Artist Tries to Capture an Elusive Target on Canvas

by Wallace Wyss - An old hand in the car world (you can find me on the masthead of Motor Trend in, egad, 1965...) by now it takes one helluva interesting car to get my attention. But I admit the new mid-engined C8 Corvette has got my motor … [Read more...]

Are UK Traffic Laws Draconian or Compassionate?

Traffic laws differ drastically around the world. Every region has certain rules and regulations that could be entirely different from another. If you travel from place to place frequently, it may become difficult to keep track of traffic laws in … [Read more...]

The Ferrari SF90 Goes Topless

by Wallace Wyss - Ferrari has cut the roof off its hybrid SF90. So now they have an open air car that can run on all electric if need be (albeit for a mere 15 miles). Ferrari also noted that the car can be equipped with the “Assetto Fiorano” pack … [Read more...]

Types of DUI Charges

States may use different terms such as "driving under the influence" (DUI) or "driving while intoxicated" (DWI), but regardless of what they call it, all states have laws regarding driving and being on a substance that alters your ability to operate … [Read more...]

What Hydrogen Powered Autos Need is an Elon Musk…

by Wallace Wyss - But Musk doesn't like hydrogen. He thinks it's the long way around getting rid of internal combustion engines. He calls them "fool cells" and a "load of rubbish". He told Tesla shareholders at an annual meeting years ago that … [Read more...]

Is Titanium The Answer For Better, Faster, More Affordable Cars Of The Future?

Cars are available in a huge range of makes and models, and are easily differentiated by their shape, size, style, design and functionality – but have you ever stopped to think about the hidden insides of your car, what it’s made from, and why? Many … [Read more...]