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June 13, 2024

Editorial: Get Real, Elon…

by Wallace Wyss –

Let’s get real Elon. I am suggesting this because I am tired of seeing year after year, your pickup truck is almost ready. I say go hat-in-hand to Chevrolet and license the name and design of the El Camino which was a popular design. You would have to compromise on a full length body side of stainless perhaps. I think you could buy an old El Camino and rebody a Cybertruck with that body in one day in steel while simultaneously hand made body panels could be made in stainless for the first prototype–shorter pieces than you want but that’s part of the compromise.

Compromise: New word for you, it means getting past an impasse. And you might have to settle for two seats rather than four. There’s no shame in using another firm’s well proven design. You just bit off more than you could chew with the original Cybertruck design.

El Camino

I would still have four wheel steering as an option. I think the original Cybertruck was especially deficient in the rear view, too high a body and not giving enough room for taillights. Saw it had flaws besides manufacturing obstacles.

Of course the modern El Camino would have to have a new front end design to accommodate modern headlamps. There are those who will say “But he’ll lose thousands in standing orders.” True but those weren’t real orders, not at $100 a pop. Call them “indications of interest.”

The targa is another Tesla concept that needs to be simplified, scaled down in ambition, to get it done and out the door. The whole situation–two vehicles which go on year after year getting older in the pre-birth stage like a woman being pregnant for 42 months. Alright already, let’s simplify things and get that baby out in the sunshine!.


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Wallace Wyss art

THE AUTHOR: Wallace Wyss has been a guest lecturer on car design at the Art Center College of Design. As a fine artist, he has completed over 50 paintings of Ferraris. For postcard samples write


Some magazine printed their guess at a targa El Camino for 2020–that would be a hit. Another magazine did their guess at a 2017 fixed roof version. I am not so concerned with the styling as I am in getting it done and out the door.

El Camino

Tesla Logo

Editorial: Get Real, Elon...
Article Name
Editorial: Get Real, Elon...
Let’s get real Elon. I am suggesting this because I am tired of seeing year after year, the Tesla Cybertruck is almost ready.


  1. Those photos demonstrate just how asleep GM management has been for decades.

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