My Car Quest

February 25, 2024

The Aston Martin Grille

by Mike Gulett - One of the first things we notice when we see a car is the front grille. That is except for electric vehicles because they do not need or usually have front grilles. But on internal combustion engine cars we notice the grille … [Read more...]

Should Clone Cars be Allowed?

A philosophical question... by Wallace Wyss - Of course they are here, they are called replicas or continuations. Many are not exactly clones. I think they've been around as long as cars have been around--you want a certain car, it's no … [Read more...]

The Mille Miglia And Jay Leno

by Mike - This year American talk show host and notoriously hard-core classic car collector Jay Leno tried his hand at the iconic 1,000 mile Italian race event, the Mille Miglia. The Mille Miglia sends its drivers along a winding route through … [Read more...]