My Car Quest

December 4, 2023

Design: Is The 2023 Nissan Z Too Retro?

by Wallace Wyss - I am a big fan of retro. I like it when an all new design takes something from the models' history and incorporates it. Say the Bentley Continental S/C--it had a Sedanca de Ville roof that was like Bentleys of 50 years … [Read more...]

Should Clone Cars be Allowed?

A philosophical question... by Wallace Wyss - Of course they are here, they are called replicas or continuations. Many are not exactly clones. I think they've been around as long as cars have been around--you want a certain car, it's no … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Pros and Cons of Retro Styled Cars

by Wallace Wyss - At first glance you think "well, why not--that old design had a lot of fans." Or you can come up with an all new shape, spend $100 million, and it's a dud. I could mention the Mercury Mercur but I might well as mention all … [Read more...]