My Car Quest

May 22, 2024

Editorial: When Close is Good Enough

by Wallace Wyss - I went out to the racetrack the other day (not the horsetrack but the car racetrack) because the Cobra Owners of Los Angeles were going to have a go at the track and I hoped to photograph lots of Cobras. But when I was … [Read more...]

Should Clone Cars be Allowed?

A philosophical question... by Wallace Wyss - Of course they are here, they are called replicas or continuations. Many are not exactly clones. I think they've been around as long as cars have been around--you want a certain car, it's no … [Read more...]

Editorial: Vintage Car Replicas Rule

Wherein an old racing historian accepts the inevitable of vintage car replicas... by Wallace Wyss - OK, I get it. People go to vintage races to see vintage cars. But some vintage races are now letting in cars that look old but may have in … [Read more...]