My Car Quest

October 26, 2021

The Sunday Funny Pages – No. 2

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Is This A New Catagory Of Collector Car? – The Derelict: A Highly Modified Barn Find Without The Barn

by Mike - As I walked up to this car at this past Carmel Concours On The Avenue my first thought was "why is this old beat up car here?" But as I got closer it became clear this car was not what it appeared to be from twenty feet … [Read more...]

Is The Dirt As Patina Sales Strategy Falling Out Of Favor In The Collector Car Market?

by Mike - We may be seeing signs that the "dirt as patina" sales strategy, used successfully by some collector car auction companies, may be slipping out of favor - and not too soon as far as I am concerned. Remember the dirty Jaguar did not … [Read more...]

The Dirty Jaguar Sold At A Loss

by Mike - Selling dirt as patina did not work for this very dirty Jaguar at the Bonhams auction in Carmel recently. It sold for $42,900 US including premium. It had sold at the Auctions America Auburn Spring auction not long ago for $45,100 … [Read more...]

Bonhams Collector Car Auction: The Highest High And The Lowest Low

by Mike - I previewed the Bonhams collector car auction yesterday in Carmel. Here are photos of the Ferrari 250 GTO which very well may become the highest priced car every sold after the auction tonight. It is being auctioned at no … [Read more...]

Bonhams Has Fallen Into The “Dirt Is Patina” Trap

by Mike - I did not think a collector car auction company could surprise me but Bonhams has managed to do so (I am not talking about the Ferrari 250 GTO they have for auction at no reserve). They are auctioning an enticing 'barn find' Jaguar … [Read more...]