My Car Quest

October 22, 2020

Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 For Sale

by Mike - The Jaguar E-Type (or XKE) needs no introduction. It is well known that the E-Type is one of the most beautiful cars ever produced. Based on the D-Type, a very successful race car, the E-Type has the speed and acceleration to match its … [Read more...]

Car Advertisements And Beautiful Women

by Mike - Advertisers have used beautiful women to sell just about everything since the beginning of advertising, well actually since before advertising. This is true even if the buyer is a women but it works especially well when the buyer is a … [Read more...]

Raymond Loewy Had Difficulty With His Jaguar XKE Even After He Redesigned It

by Mike - Raymond Loewy , wrote a letter to the editor of Road & Track magazine, Dean Batchelor, in March 1968 to let him know that he had just bought a new Firebird 400 from Jim Wangers and to complain about his problems with his Jaguar … [Read more...]

Classic Car Photos From Readers

by Mike - Today I am sharing photos sent to me by My Car Quest readers. I love to see what everyone likes or owns. Nelson Tang of Hong Kong sent in these photos of his Aston Martin DB2 with a body by Graber I admit I don't think that I have … [Read more...]

Slow Motion Poetry

by Mike - Saturday morning I pulled the Bizzarrini out from its resting place to drive it about 30 yards to the Cars & Caffeine event at Club Auto Sport in San Jose, California. It still gives me chills to start up the Bizzarrini and to … [Read more...]

Ten Restoration Rust Buckets To Avoid

by Mike - Occasionally I like to turn over this space to someone else to get a different perspective and this is one of those days. UK based Mat Fidge gives some wise advice on restoration pitfalls to avoid. Text by Mat Fidge, photos by … [Read more...]