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June 6, 2023

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The New Maserati Neptune: Student-Designed Wave of the Future….

by Wallace Wyss - While I'll admit that I was taken back by the radical lines of the Maserati Neptune (mostly regarding visibility) I hafta admit that it is a giant step for Maserati in that they used an existing chassis for this new … [Read more...]

Self-Driving Cars And Smart Highways Are The Future Of Road Safety

Over 90% of serious automobile crashes are caused by human error, mistakes made by drivers when they're distracted by a text message, driving too fast, or otherwise behaving recklessly behind the wheel of a car. With the advancement and greater use … [Read more...]

Driving Impression: 2021 Lexus LC500h

The Man in White drives Japan's ultimate luxury car.... by Wallace Wyss - Ultimate car. What does that phrase mean? To me, a car that can do everything. In the rarified climate of luxury two door coupes, this car comes close to fitting that … [Read more...]

Nearly Forgotten: Lloyd Cars From Germany

by Robert Maselko - The recent attempt by a Chinese company to revive the Borgward brand, called attention to the storied past of that long defunct marque. For those not following along, Borgward was a premium German car from the northern city of … [Read more...]

The BMW Wedge – The Shape of the Times

by Mike Gulett - Summer is here - I know this may seem hard to believe but it is true. This means car events are here and one of the best is the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, although it is now past. To help us all get in the mood for … [Read more...]

Editorial: The Ogle Factor (Cool Cars That Is)

by Wallace Wyss - OK I'll admit it. I like people to look at my car. Not just look at it but ogle it, lust after it; feast their eyes. Not the Plain Jane Nissan I drive everyday, but when I have a special car. And I've owned a few--a Ferrari … [Read more...]