My Car Quest

March 30, 2023

Editorial: Are We Going to See the Get-it-While-it-Lasts Car Sales?

by Wallace Wyss - Now that I've seen the publicity around the Ferrari Purosangue SUV, extolling the fact it has a V12, and other stories in car magazines about "the last internal combustion engine from so-and-so" I am wondering, are we going … [Read more...]

Rolling Blackouts Threaten Electric Vehicle Owners in California

I have received three text messages this week (including one today) from our power company that is the largest in California (Pacific Gas & Electric). Each message said, PG&E Alert: Extreme heat is straining California's grid. Save energy from … [Read more...]

Editorial: The War Against Gas Stations

In March 2021, the Petaluma, CA City Council voted unanimously to prohibit the creation, expansion, reconstruction and relocation of gas stations, encouraging owners to transition to stations that serve electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. The … [Read more...]

2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6

The Koreans challenge Europe's best in aerodynamics. by Wallace Wyss - The new 2024 Ioniq 6 electric sedan, due in 2023 as a 2024 model, sets a new record for Korean cars in coefficient of drag–.021. That’s only one point higher than … [Read more...]

Are Electric Vehicle Resale Values a Problem?

by Mike Gulett - In the recent article here, When the Bloom Comes Off the Electric Vehicle Rose the author, Wallace Wyss, mentions that the benefits of electric vehicle ownership may not be what we were all told, which is amplified by comments … [Read more...]

When the Bloom Comes Off the Electric Vehicle Rose

by Wallace Wyss - In the beginning, it all sounded so wonderful. Blue skies, Green grass, Flowers blooming. Those bad old stinky ICE cars hustled off the the junkyard. So the ecologists sold us what could be a bill of goods. Several automakers … [Read more...]