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June 6, 2023

Archives for May 2021

The Electric Power of Lamborghini

by Mike Gulett - Lamborghini has announced that its current models, Huracan, Aventador and the Urus sport utility vehicle will all be hybrids by 2024. They also plan to introduce a new all-electric model by 2030. Lamborghini will commit to … [Read more...]

Upgrade With Big Brake Kits

Big brake kits vs Standard brakes Are you thinking about updating the brake system? Are you unsure whether to keep the standard brakes or switch to high-performance brakes? If so, we have a question for you: Have you made any significant power or … [Read more...]

Editorial: Rolls Royce Dawn and Wraith Fading Away

Come the, maybe not... by Wallace Wyss - Some things seem eternal. Like triumphant troops marching down Main Street after a war. But when I heard Rolls Royce is stopping importing the convertible Dawn and the two door Wraith … [Read more...]

How To Make a Ferrari Look Better: Vandenbrink Shooting Brake

by Wallace Wyss - The car is based on the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. The "shooting brake" name came from when M'Lords and Ladies in Blighty wanted to go out on their land and down some pheasants and maybe the guns would scare the horses so they … [Read more...]

Matte Finish Paint- Is It Worth It?

Wherein our correspondent ponders embracing the trend... by Wallace Wyss - As a guy who looks at a whole lotta cars in my travels, I have seen about every type of paint available. Having recently piloted a Mercedes E53 AMG Cabriolet with flat … [Read more...]

A Car Guy’s Tales From Hollywood

Deep in the My Car Quest archives I rediscovered this Wallace Wyss classic from 2016. A story like most of us have never experienced, nor likely will. A real life noir story about a real car writer and would be Hollywood writer. Maybe the noir … [Read more...]