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June 12, 2024

Archives for April 2014

Iso Grifo Targa Conversion For Sale By RM In Monaco – More History

by Mike - Recently I wrote about this Iso Grifo targa conversion that will be for sale by RM at their Monaco auction. I said, There is no mention of who did the targa conversion but the way the title is written it could be interpreted as if … [Read more...]

Piero Rivolta Comments On The Coys Iso Grifo #001 For Sale Controversy

Dear Mike, Thank you for bringing the sale of the Iso Grifo #001 at a Coys auction to my attention. If they claim that this Grifo is the prototype Grifo A3/L which inspired the Grifo GL production car, that is wrong and false. The Grifo A3/L … [Read more...]

Iso Grifo IR8 Targa Conversion by Bertone For Sale – (Bertone?)

by Mike - This 1972 Iso Grifo is for sale at the RM auction in Monaco on May 10 and is on of the list of Strange Ones Are Being Brought To Classic Car Auctions that I wrote about recently. This late model Grifo is Ford powered as it should be … [Read more...]

The Times They Are A Changing – Collector Car Originality And Preservation Are Becoming More Important Than Over The Top Restoration

by Mike - I wrote about this subject in January 2014 when an original and very shabby Mercedes 300SL Gullwing sold at auction for a lot more than an very well restored model of the same year and color combination! I also wrote in February 2012 … [Read more...]

Gold Plated Delorean – Update

by Mike - Last year I published the story of the fourth gold plated Delorean that was privately made by Michael Feldman, OD. If you haven't read this story it is fascinating. Yesterday Richard left a Comment with a link to his recent photo of … [Read more...]

Happy Easter

by Mike - Happy Easter to all. I am taking the day off and am planning a drive in the Bizzarrini GT 5300. I suspect the roads will not have much traffic, at least that is my desire. I hope you all have an enjoyable day and that you get to do … [Read more...]