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June 16, 2024

Archives for November 2021

Beauty and Style – The Dodge Charger III

by Mike Gulett - I have always loved the Chrysler and Dodge concept cars and here is a beauty from 1968 – the Dodge Charger III which was the most aerodynamic car built by Chrysler Corporation up to that time. This was a futuristic … [Read more...]

Editorial: Let’s Get Real

Starting with the White House. by Wallace Wyss - I was surprised when President Biden recently heaped praise on GM for starting the electric car revolution. Well, they may have started it in the US with the EV-1 but I guess no one told him … [Read more...]

AutoMobility LA 2021

Text and photos by Richard Bartholomew - The Show is back and maybe coming to a town near you. The opening of The AutoMobility LA 2021 press days was November 17th and was quite different in many ways from shows in the past: Masks every where, … [Read more...]

Tips For Driving Internationally

When you love cars, it’s natural to want to spend time driving them as much as possible. This passion can be explored while overseas too, and gives you the chance to make your own way around new countries and see things you might miss if taking … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving America!

by Mike Gulett - I have a lot to be thankful for including that the coronavirus pandemic seems to be letting up some. I hope you all are getting along well in these difficult times. Today is the eleventh anniversary of My Car Quest and this is … [Read more...]

Design Critique: 2022 Range Rover

More minimalist than ever. by Wallace Wyss - There is a movement in modern art called "Minimalism" where less is more if you know what I mean. So I can say that word in talking about the Range Rover, redesigned by Jerry McGovern, head of … [Read more...]